Modern Car Technology (No Driver)

Just hold one, imagine 20 November 2028! Walking on the road, the car passed on the right side, but the driver did not. Private cars are getting closer. No traffic jams! Or carry a car from her smartphone

and push her child into a car that does not drive. The car automatically takes the child to school! Modern Car Technology does that.

So far, it may seem like a fantasy. But in fact, I started work in the car industry less or Ruby taxi. When the business plan forms are prepared, non-driving cars will be displayed on the street after a few days. There are ongoing experiments with unmanned vehicles.

The future of the car was confirmed by AFP and Reuters. It has been said how much the unmanned vehicle will be accepted in the future.

Modern Car

Technology analysts say the Robo Taxi revolution will happen. The competition car manufacturer began to build all major electric vehicles for the brand, tracks. These cars come along with a touch of smartphones.

Market researchers say that by 2025, the global auto market will account for 12 percent of total electric cars. And will reach 34 percent by 2030.

Last month, the official bank manager Merrill Lynch spoke about electric cars. By 2050, 90 percent of all cars in the world would be electric.

The goal is clear. Smog has become a big problem in big cities around the world. China, especially in the fast-growing market, wants to drop environmentally friendly cars. Apart from this, traffic congestion in different cities is lost for hours. Even in many cities,

no approval is given to the car. Carmakers have also made new competitors. Large technology companies have shown interest in the car market. Apple, Google,

and Tesla began building automated cars. Tesla chief executive Elon Mask recently announced the construction of semi-trucks. Note, this type of truck will depend on both the program and the program and will control the market faster.

Car Technology

Falcon’s car industry is not sitting. PSA in France has invested extensively in the participation of cars and other services. The company will provide by service when participating in cars. The German Democratic Authority began building electric cars with Bose. They want to put that car on the market by 2020. In addition to the 24 cities in the world, Naruto provided a car-sharing service.

A special section has been created by Volkswagen in Germany, which deals with issues such as electronic transport, car rental and more. The company’s president, Matthias Mueller, said people would not have a car in the future. We try on Maier so that everyone can be our customers.

According to German Chancellor Ronald Berger, 40% of total auto industry profits will come from Robo-Taxi or cars in 2030. The demand for private or personal cars will be reduced by 30% in that period.

Car industry experts have warned that automakers cannot handle car systems, and they can not survive.

Volkswagen told them plans to invest in the automotive industry over the next five years, investing $ 4 billion in hybrid and electric cars.

Modern Car Technology (No Driver)

However, the main problem for automakers is that the expected zero emissions or not fully eco-friendly cars are sold. Renault Joe Ranch, which has been on the market since 2012, has sold only one percent of its sales. Renault President Carlos Jossan said by 2022 that the sale of fully developed cars would reach 5 percent.

Production costs are another major problem for automakers. The next generation of electric cars costs 20 percent more than traditional models. As a result, manufacturers will face great difficulty in making profits compared to investing. In September, Carlos Towers,

CEO of Carlos Towers told the Frankfurt Motor Show in Frankfurt that all automakers must continue to make electric cars.

Western automakers fear they will remain behind Asian rivals when it comes to building electric cars. Chinese automakers, in particular, continue to build electric cars and batteries. Understanding the issue, the European Commission must emphasize the need to build an electric battery.

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