Want to buy a Car? Let us Know the Car Loan from the start

You seem to be on the road if you have a car! The car is no longer luxury, it has become necessary. It was a time when there was a lot of work to do to realize the dream of the car. Some people still dream about the top. Now that day it is not. The banks are responsible for realizing your dreams.

Want to buy a Car? Let us Know the Car Loan from the start

Simple terms and simple interest rates, interest rates are two car loans now at the client’s threshold. You do not have to run behind the bank to get a car loan, the bank comes to you. Not only banks, financial institutions now offer loans to buy cars. Banks and financial institutions offer loans to new and old cars. As there is no problem with borrowing, young people become more interested in car loans.

Loan Amount:

The banks pay half the price of the car. Before 2014, the loan ratio was 70:30 and now the loan coverage increased to 50:50. This means that the bank can provide up to 30 percent of the car’s price. But banks now offer loans up to 50%.

Interest rate:

“We offer loans for new and old cars for customer convenience,” says Ariful Alam Khan, head of Asia Bank, to Priyamokkom. “The interest rate on equal deductions is 12 percent.”

Financial institutions without a bank, Bangla Finance Lanka, auto financing rate 11.75 percent for individual loans and 11 percent for the organization. IDLC Finance Ltd offers loans to buy both new and old cars. A maximum of 70 percent of the car’s price is given to the customers. IDLC Finance determines the interest rate from 11.5 percent to 12 percent.

Let us Know the Car Loan from the start

Under the terms, this interest rate may be lower. Bank East 11 percent, Dutch Bangla Bank 14 percent, Dhaka Bank 12 percent, Trust Bank provides 11 percent interest on auto loans. In addition, the Islamic Islamic Bank, Exim Bank and also the Islamic Bank offer loans for the purchase of cars. The Islamic Social Bank gives a 13 percent interest in buying cars for interest. Citi Bank offers interest-bearing loans of 11.50 percent for customers on simple terms. However, this loan only applies to new cars.

How much money will be available:

Citibank offers 3 customers up to 40 Khas and Bank of Asia customers borrow up to 3 KH to 30 KH. Trust Bank offers loans from 2 to 2 million.

Who will get the loan:

Companies, employers or organizations can get a car loan. But in this case, seen monthly income. Citibank, Mutual Trust Bank, provides monthly loan income of 30,000 rupees.

Payment methods:

In 5 years you have to pay the car loan. This loan is paid in equal amounts.

Loan Process:

Don’t get too much trouble for a car loan. Banks and financial institutions are now writing contracts with car dealers to provide their customers with convenience. Within 7 days of submitting mandatory papers, the bank approved the loan.

Let us Know the Car Loan from the start

Banks have become more interested in small consumer loans than larger loans. Because these loans can be made easy. Banks and financial institutions are now focused on offering small loans such as car loans.

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