Remaining safe on Facebook (Tips)

Facebook is always using it. It has almost been heard that many people have become Facebook profiles or ID (pirate). Following some guidelines, identifications will be safer than pirate.


  • Save your date of birth and date only on Facebook. Do not take passports and birthday photos from Facebook anyway.


  • Do not give your national identification card, smart card, and valid ID card on Facebook.
  • The passport information (photo of the information brochures) or the visa image is incorrect.


  • Use the email address and telephone number of your account, which is generally not shared with anyone.
  • Save all security functions (Facebook).

  • Make sure you add at least five friends to rely on.
  • You can use the Profile Picture Guard. Those who want to keep personal privacy can use the profiles blocking. This allows you to know what friends will offer to your friend’s list (your friendly list).
  • Use your hard password. It is very difficult to combine passwords, numbers, symbols and different words. Avoid using dictionaries.
  • Do not click unnecessary links
  • You can not use third-party applications.


Take care of blackmail and bullying.

We are all in a tumultuous period. The depth of relationships decreases, as is the tendencies of incredulity.

The reasons for mutual respect are due to various types of extortion and scampering. After the end of the connection, if it does not have to be damaged after it, you will have to look for some things.



  • In any case, social networking accounts (social networks) and email passwords cannot be moved.
  • Disable distribution of photos that may be subject to personal or personal losses after posting confidential images.
  • Avoid sharing important information that the third person knows they can suffer from personal and professional damages.
  • Keep all security options (activated) to keep your account secure.
  • Do not allow someone else to use your mobile phone.
  • When personal photos are extending or threatening, contact the nearest police station right away.
  • When the relationship ends, if the other party allows to post old photos, conversations, threats, or send them to the family’s inbox, get the help of police authorities right away.
  • If you post a piece of document information, location or image with false identification (false identification), you must make public notes (GD) at your local police station along with this identification link.

You can contact the National Emergency Service for any urgent need. I do not have money to communicate.

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