Initial destinations for city trip by 2020

Want to set aside time again for the best city excursions in 2020? During a city trip, destinations like London, Paris, and Barcelona will soon be considered. We’re not talking about those destinations in this post. We’re giving you ideas for 15 original city trips. Initial destinations where you don’t have to come across hordes of tourists and yet easy to reach.

Original city trip destinations for 2020

We have regularly traveled to destinations in recent years, just a few hours ‘ flights from the USA. We’ve visited cities like London, Paris, and Barcelona, of course, but we tend to go for the lesser-known cities. We include tips in this article for fun and original city break destinations throughout Europe. Destinations where you can actually have fun for a couple of days, and where not all your mates have been.

City trip to Zagreb, Croatia

We did a great road trip through the Balkans in 2018, so we could add some new favorite European cities to our list. One is the state capital of Croatia, Zagreb. Zagreb is within easy reach from the Netherlands and is a relatively small capital. It means the city is perfect for exploring in a day, two or three. With its many cozy restaurants and bars, the raw edge-read: lots of street art and an underground scene-and great sights in the historic center, Zagreb is the ideal original city break destination you’d like to visit in 2020.

Skopje – Northern Macedonia city trip

Skopje is the capital of northern Macedonia, and it is also the largest city in the country with its 500,000 inhabitants. The city is in the north of the country, on the Vadar River. Near of Kosovo’s border. Skopje has the largest bazaar in the Balkans after Istanbul where you can enjoy the shopping and watching people. While Northern Macedonia is increasingly becoming a popular holiday destination for Dutch people – especially the area around Lake Ohrid-Skopje is virtually undiscovered. Yet for a few days here, you can easily entertain yourself.

Bilbao city trip, Spanish Basque Country

We continue to complement the list of original and interesting city tour destinations in Europe, so the Spanish city of Bilbao will be on this list as well from now on. Bilbao is the largest city in the Basque Country of Spain, and we visited it in March 2019. The Spanish cities of Seville, Madrid, and Barcelona are familiar to everyone, but Bilbao is much less visited. Though in recent years the town has become increasingly popular. Partly due to the imposing Bilbao Guggenheim Museum. But even if you don’t like art, a great city trip is really recommended. The food is delicious (Pintxos!), the historic center is cozy and the place is lovely.

Sarajevo City Breaks, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Do we bet the city of Sarajevo (often) didn’t come to mind on a city trip? Too bad, because this is perfect for Sarajevo! Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital, right in the heart of the Balkans, has a tumultuous history. The signs of the civil war in Bosnia are still evident but a large part of the city has been beautifully restored. You’re going to Sarajevo for a mix of culture, history and good food and drink. Sarajevo is a multicultural city, with Turkish, Jewish, Croatian and Arab influences as well. Would you like to hear more about the civil war? Be sure to visit the different areas outside the town, such as the Sarajevo tunnel and the 1984 Winter Olympics bobsleigh track.

Prizren City Breaks, Kosovo

Prizren is an undiscovered city in Kosovo, thanks to the Balkan mass tourism. Even though the city is not the capital-Pristina is – a visit is more than worthwhile. The town is situated in the south of Kosovo, making it easy to combine with a trip through northern Macedonia and/or Albania. Because the euro is used to pay in Kosovo, sadly the nation is somewhat cheaper than the neighboring countries. But anyone with a less well-filled bank account can still be having a great time here.

The Drin River runs right through the area, over which the most magnificent bridges were constructed. It feels like you’re going back in time, in Prizren. To a different world. But a good one too,

Porto city trip, Portugal

City Trip

You’ll find beautiful cities not just in the Balkans, which are a good base for a city trip in 2020. But perfect for a fast “getaway” in Southern Europe Though many tourists take the plane to Portugal’s capital-Lisbon-there are several places worth seeing in this beautiful country. For starters, we spent a couple of days in the relaxed Porto on the Atlantic Ocean, some years ago. Once again it shows that Barcelona not only has the perfect combination for a beach and city vacation.

The town is built on the Duoro River and you can relax by the river. You can also choose to enjoy the city from the water through a trip with a tour boat, though. Furthermore, Porto is known for its excellent port wines and is a great destination for culture lovers. For example, did you know that the center of Porto conquered a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List?

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