Do not investigate so that: Kamal

Ganaoforama president. Kamal Hossain said that it would not be possible to investigate the fire in the fireplace and to investigate the case of massive loss of life.

The senior lawyer said this while visiting the building in the capital’s Banani Kamal Ataturk Avenue on Friday.

The fire in Banarir Faruk Rupayan (FR) tower was on Thursday. In the evening it comes under control. The fire service staff then entered the floors of the building and the fire service staff entered the floor. One body was recovered one after another.

This morning, police said that the number of people killed in the fire at the fire tower reached 25. 73 injured

Kamal Hossain said this morning that he was jumping from the building to save the trapped people. There was a system to get out of the multi-storied building if there was a fire.

Kamal Hossain said that it was necessary to see whether the system was there.

Today, Kamal Hossain was accompanied by other leaders including Ganapurem central leader Subrata Chowdhury.

Owner of the responsibility for the safety when the accident occurs: Mayor Atiq

Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCCC) mayor Atiqul Islam said that the owner of the building will be responsible for the safety of the accident if any accident occurs.

The mayor said this while visiting the Banani Kamal Ataturk Avenue FT Tower on Friday.

Mayor Atiqul Islam said there is no coordination between the work of City Corporation and RAJUK. And this kind of incident is happening due to this co-ordination. From now on we’ll get into action.

Atikul Islam said the City Corporation sent the documents related to the multi-storied building to RAJUK. Within 10 days, all buildings will have to submit papers. The magistrates will begin the operation if they get these hands. Of course, action will be taken against the accused persons.

Mayor Atiq said the offices should know whether they have a fire-fighting system where they are taking office.

Atiqul Islam said, “From now on you will consider your own security. Take a look before entering the office, if there is an alternative way to get out of the fire.

‘Due to God’s permission, let the car go’

The fire in the capital’s Banani FT Tower Smoke coil around The survival of the people trapped inside. Someone is jumping, hoping to survive, trying to attract everyone’s attention by showing someone or hands.

When this horrible situation inside, thousands of people on the street beneath the building, people are crowded. Most of them are eager people. Someone is making selafi, someone is doing video, broadcasting videos directly on social media on Facebook

Thousands of eager people were in the occupation of the road. It is not that they are active in rescue. Rather, they were obstructing rescue. Because of their mobility, there has been enough momentum for fire-fighting, rescue and emergency services. Rescue in the crowd of ordinary people was rescued. There has been a lot of criticism in the social media. However, some private university students were active in rescue.

After the fire, the crowd gathered in the streets surrounding the F. Towers. Before the fire service staff reached the spot, the road went straight to the common people. There was a problem in entering the fire service to push the crowd of eager crowds. The crowd of these eager people were increasing with the help of time. The water carriers were repeatedly taking water, but due to the people it took longer than normal to go to the spot.

At this time fire service staff repeatedly shouted, ‘God’s sake allow the car to go. Move, move the car. “The big stairs to rescue the injured and the ambulance traffic caused obstacles to the common man. The police members tried repeatedly and could not move them too far. Once you move away a little bit, the road is closed again. At one stage, the situation improved slightly when the army members came to the scene at 5:30 pm. The soldiers removed the ordinary people a little bit away.

Like thousands of people went to Banani on the spot, Dhaka University’s Central Student Parliament (Duxu) vice-president Nurul Haque went to the spot. After he went there, he was requested to not stand on one step. At this time, he is heard saying, I will be taking pictures here. This statement of Nurul Haque and the visit to the venue has been widely criticized on Facebook.

Fire Service Deputy Director (Operation) Dilip Kumar Ghosh said in light of the first light, due to eager people, the work was interrupted in many ways. Fire services and ambulances are very difficult due to the problem. He said that if such community of disaster is helpful then it is good, but here the people of the eagle crowd have been interrupted due to work. Under such circumstances, the general public will have to recognize more awareness.

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