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Paola Baishakh means the life of the Bengali people. However, it is important to take care of some of the festivals for festivities and the next to stay healthy. Now it is usually hot in the daytime. There may also be one rainy rain, and also prepare for it. Basically the preparation is to be surrounded by warmth and sunlight. The roaming will not stop until it is hot. The body does not become dehydrated, so drink more than that. Do not walk uninterrupted walks occasionally. Then do not get tired more

■ water loss

■ Food poisoning

■ Heat Cramps, Hitsstroke

■ sun burn in the skin.

Govinda Chandra Roy, associate professor of the Department of Medicine of Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital, said that the whole of Baishakh was mostly out of the house. Now it is like hot, and it is also causing sudden rains. The most common problem due to the heat is water crisis. And cold rainy cough may appear again in the rain. So be careful. Take the umbrella with it. Special attention will be given to diabetes patients and children. Usually this is eaten outside food. The food is not too oil-spicy, fried. Even cheese, ghee is also good to avoid food. Because, these foods need plenty of water to digest.

Keep it with adequate and pure water

In this heat sweat causes excessive salt water out of the body and the body becomes dehydrated. Usually, the body’s blood pressure decreases, it feels weak, the head shakes. Water crisis is a very common problem in the summer, but negligence can be fatal. Extreme heat may cause hitzstroke. Drink plenty of water to be free from this danger. But it is pure. Otherwise, there is a danger of water borne diseases.

Drink plenty of glass of water

Drinking water depends on the excessive sweating of the body. Generally, this will increase the drinking water for everyone. Usually, seven to eight glasses of water is required to drink, but at this time 10 to 12 glasses or more water is needed. For children, especially for seven to eight years children will need to drink five to six glasses of water.

Food should be such

Since sweating leads to both water and salt, it is possible to drink salted beverages such as eating saline or caffeine. Various fruits and lemon juice will meet the body’s lack of water and salt. Bhajapora, more oil, spicy food must be avoided. It is good to eat ordinary foods such as rice, vegetables, fish etc. Be careful that the food is fresh. Tea and coffee should be eaten as low as possible.

It is best not to work continuously

Some days before Pahela Baishakh, those who are working hard to buy and organize different programs, they have to keep special attention. If you run continuously, you will be relieved soon. This can lead to many headaches. There may be problems like water disorders. Excessive eating habits can lead to abdominal pain. Special attention should be paid to these issues.

Do not go out and walk continuously, walk away for a while. At the end of the morning’s work, you can go back home in the afternoon and take a rest and walk around in the afternoon. Do not get tired of it, it will take a walk.

Keep the umbrella with

In the New Year, there is usually sunny sunshine. The sunrise may be in this sunrise; Extreme sweating may come from water-solubility. Just what? Skin burns are also likely to be black. So if you go out, keep an umbrella with the course.

Diabetes awareness awareness

It is very hard to go out in the new year. Hypoglycemia may occur if you work harder. It may be possible to reduce blood sugar levels. Hypoglycemia affects headache, head aches, feels unstable, dark in the eye, mood swings, breathing faster. If these signs occur, burn the sweet food in the mouth of the affected person. He will get some strength back.

May be Hitstroke

Heatstroke can appear in the summer. The symptoms of hematrophy are that, the body temperature is increased abnormally, the sweating disappears, the body becomes reddish, rapid heartbeat, breathing, and behavior changes, such as sudden anger, unrest, no idea about the condition of the condition, and many others from the seizure Lose knowledge First and foremost treatment of hematstroke is to reduce the body temperature of the infected person. For this reason, the person with the symptoms will be removed from the sun and taken to a cold place. The body clothes should be removed as much as possible and cooled water will be poured, but ice-cold water can not be poured. Because, due to the contraction of the blood vessels, the body temperature will increase rather than decreasing, the condition of the patient will be worse. The patient has to wind. If the ice pack below the groin and armpit, the temperature will decrease rapidly.

Do not say tea and coffee at this time

Tea-coffee and artificial sauce should not be called on this day of summer. Because, tea and coffee are enough to increase body temperature. The sugar used in these drinks reduces body water.

Stay in the house safely

Especially children should be kept safe from the sunshine as much as possible. Take a bottle of water from the house. Children may suffer from a little sweat. So you have to drink water a little later. Dab water can also feed. Until the age of six months, the newborn will be breast-breasted. It is better not to take a stranger in the sun for a long time.

What to do back home

Do not eat cold water all day long after coming home. If you sit for a while, you will not have to worry about cold or cold.

You can eat lots of fruit juice or lemon from the outside. This will fill the water out of sweat with the water shortage.

The pain of the body will be felt throughout the day. So bathing back with hot water will ease the pain and fatigue.

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