The hair is the dark nightshade of his bedside

In the month of the auditory cloud, the black cloud.

Dagal-Dighal hairstyle bayaje ..

When is the girl in her arms when she can not

Daughter Madan Mohini dressed in the well ..

Though there is a connection between the hair and the hair, ‘Kochobaran Kanya’s Meghbourn Hair’ was born in the context of the hair ‘Imagery. This illustration is not of today, but of today’s historical times. That is why, when I talk about hair, I remember the ‘sloping hinges’ and black-and-white women. Remember, Jibanananda Das, ‘Hair is the dark nymph of his candy.’ I remember the legends of Mahua, Malluya, Kamala and Behula, who had dighaal black hair.

Remember the long golden hair of Rupanjal The monks, who were stuck at a very high mountain. Later, when he came down to a high house with a long golden hair removed from a royal palanquin, he escaped from Rakshak.

Remember the words of Breni, Thorns; I remember the elephant’s teeth, the pavement mirror. And remember the coconut oil. On the dark afternoon, the grandmother sitting on the outside of her grandmother’s granny said that she is forgetting the memory of the hairdressing memories of the hairdressing service, to tell the story of the granddaughter of her granddaughter, who is grilling coconut oil on black hair. Or the oil can not forget the memories of going to the festivities of the little girl holding fingers of her father’s fingers to swing to the colorful ribbons of colorful lips? Hair is memory, hair is a compelling pack of love!

Keschcharva is an important aspect of Bengali women’s own lifestyle. His personality and beauty are inextricably linked, the taste and the glory of the nobility. Women are created in the center of the womb, which is separate from the outside world. After the end of the summer, when there is no way to break out after the midday work, or when there is no way out in the rainy season, then ten women are sitting in the chair.

In rural areas, women are still sitting in such a chat. Mother-in-law, sister-in-law, other women in the neighborhood, domestic workers who have been accustomed to gathering in the middle of the house, have been taught such techniques as cooking techniques, as well as cooking techniques, to the people of the generation. Because women know that they have to keep their dual dark hair. No one likes silk, neat and bright hair, but a woman does not like to clamber hair. So he learns in his own way that the hair is clear on the ground, when the tree leaves or flowers grow in the hair, it increases the brightness of the hair, and what is mixed with coconut oil and what happens in the hair is dense black, how many hips and how many ties can bind, no The hair will be taller, if the hair is bent, these disciplines. Bengali women are practicing this science from generation to generation.

Speculation refers to the overall concept of hair. It includes hair length, hair loss, hair whitening, brightness of the hair, hair sticking, hair braid, hinge, etc. Apart from this, it has been associated with hair coloring and cut hair of desired hair.

Hormonidy is probably the most commonly used for hairdressing. These talk women learn from the ancients. Do not have this homemade? Mheedipata, eggs, aloe vera, nimapata, lemon juice, honey, olive oil, banana, custard oil, talk yogurt, amalkaki, jasmine flowers, spices, various fruits, vegetables, garlic-onions etc. These are different types of work. Which hair is black and brighter, which is smooth by hair, which helps in the growth of the hair again, which prevents hair fall. All of them are based on fair faith. For example, cloves and lemon are believed to be, they help eliminate hair infections and promote hair growth. By removing fenugreek dandruff, the humming hair causes the hair growth to be smooth. Onion turns black and helps the hair to grow new hair by carotene. It does not have to be known whether they have scientific research or not. Whether there is scientific explanation or not, if the user receives some kind of mental gratification in the use of this Homerimidi gets some benefit, this trend has been going on for ages. This whole issue has been the source of ancient Indian Ayurvedic medical genres.

In the 21st century, hair care is the use of herbal products, as well as chemical products made of milk. One of them is shampoo, conditioner, hair color, haircut. But people are more confident of herbal products than hair care. As a result, the famous oil bottles of the company’s plants! No matter how much chemicals are in coconut oil, it is made from natural coconut extract. On the other hand, people are more dependent on Mehdi than hair color to keep the hair black, which is evident from the fresh mehedipata peeked out of the raw market.

Like a woman, a man has a musical role. But the man’s “hairdressing” does not get settled. There is a colorful and colorful world of women’s hairstyle, men are not afraid of that. Whether it is Bengali men or African men or men of Europe. The big reason is probably hair size. Since man’s hair is small, its taste does not require any tone. Taking hair after bathing, cutting a little timely while wearing hair in a barbers’ store, julfi’s hair is white or the head is grayed out, or a little imprisoned for a carpeted person – this is the reason for men’s hairstyles. No fancy man, it can not be said. But to admit that there is no hybridism like men’s hair care.

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