The rights and dignity of street children in Islam

Islam is the religion of equality Justice and brotherhood are the main teachings of Islam. Islam regards all human beings as the children of the same parents and the same mother and does not make any difference to anyone by birth and color. Islamic sharia law ensures the right to all people. Islamic philosophy has put people’s rights in three stages. Such as physical, financial and social;

That is, life, wealth and respect. Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) also assured the protecting the financial rights of street children. It has been said that the Holy Qur’an used to pay zakat of street children. Islamic philosophy

The last and final part of the fundamental eight sectors of the Qur’an Majeed Zakat is ‘Pathshishu’. Allaah says: The Charaka zakat is only for the poor, the needy, and those employees whose hearts are attracted, for slavery, for the debtors, for jihad and pathyaan (Ibn sabil) or to the miserly traveler in the way of Allah.

This is the law of Allah. Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise. (Surah-9 Tawbah, verse: 60). Islamic philosophy.

Ibn means children or children; Sabad means road or path. In Arabic, ‘Ibn Sabbal’ in Persian and Urdu ‘Ibn Sabbal’ means the children of the road or street girl. Those children of the society who live without security, helpless, shelterless roads, roadside, railway station or railway side, in the bus station or on the roadside, in the lancaghat or ferry gate or in any place abandoned and helpless night, they are street children.

They are part of our society. They have a certain share in the wealth of wealthy people. Allaah says in the Qur’an, and the right to be given in their property is the right or right, the candidates and the deprived ones. (Surah-51 Jariyat, verse: 19 and Sura-70 Ma’raj, verse 25). Islamic philosophy.

Today, children and women all over the world exploitation, theft, robbery, kidnapping, murder, child trafficking, acid throwing, immoral and hard work, children are using more profits and sexual harassment on children is increasing at a geometric rate.

Momin or believer, as well as the educated people of Islam, can not at all risk immoral acts such as violent behavior with children, their physical and mental torture, trafficking, murder, disappearance and the risk of death of children. Such behavior with street children is totally contrary to Islamic teachings, immoral and unlawful. Islamic philosophy.

It is not possible to talk about the birth of street children. Children cannot be objectionable about parents. There can be no disrespectful talk about children’s birthplace or area. Routine children, race, caste, the surname cannot be ridiculed. The physical structure, shape-size, and color of street children cannot be mocked.

There can not be a joke about street children’s specialty or currency. It cannot be embarrassed by mentioning any unwanted or unwanted things that happened in the life of the street girl. They can not be treated unholy.

We will ensure the basic rights of street children, namely food, clothes, housing, education and medicine due to the belief consciousness, religious duty, social responsibility and humanitarianism, and to make them good citizens. Girl children or girl children are more at risk, they will have to ensure support and safe shelter on a priority basis.


The greatest threat of all time, Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: I do not have a house in which my house is his house, whose father is not I. I am his father, whose debt is not able to repay, I am his guardian. (Baihaki).

Our favorite Prophet (peace be upon him) was orphan. Protecting and helping orphan-vulnerable children is involved in loving and respecting the Prophet The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: He who honored the orphan and helpless, he respects me.

Allah said: Have you seen them? Those who disbelieve justice and karma! Those who push the orphan, they do not encourage the diet of the needy. Woe to all those who are indifferent to their prayers; Those people who work and show cause to obstruct them. (Sura-107 Ma’un, verse: 1-7). Islamic philosophy

Mufti Maulana Shaikh Muhammad Uthman Gani
Joint Secretary General of Bangladesh National Imam Association and Assistant Professor of Ahsania Institute of Sufism

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