The smell of dead body burnt in the air

The smell of body in the air Smell of burned dead body Carcass smell Smell of dead body buried in the building The smell of dead body lying on the banks of the river dead. Smell of diseased body Someone had cancer, some were liver patients. Some people are victims of kidney failure. Sometimes the Rana Plaza of Savar, I have never been to the Tazreen Fashion of Ashulia. Once Nimtali, then then Chawkbazar. The main headlines of the media in the Banani fire without spending any grief for Chawkbazar – So far 25 people have been found dead.

The country’s lodging, high buildings, highways, roads, highways, bridges – all must be the trap of death. The smell of the body is becoming heavy all over. Death procession is going to be longer. The new body is being added to the tragedy. According to media reports, more than 50 killed in various accidents across the country on Wednesday. Started with news of bus and microbus collision in Lohagara, Chittagong. Counting the dead body of the FR building at night, go to sleep. Wake up Oh dear

An unplanned, greedy, corruption-friendly development policy has caught the country. Events, accidents, epidemics of disease are underway. There is no development policy of people-friendly, environment-friendly and equitable distribution. The administration is completely unable to enforce the law. The so-called prosperity is the result of the nobility of the society. Occasionally those who are divided, they are becoming convergent. The condition of the middle class is very sad. Central and low-lying people are dying in roadside, in the river, in the building. The price of life has fallen to millions of rupees after the accident. The development of an accident, disease-ridden and criminal society is happening.

There is a lot of development in the country, its profit, if there is no security of life. The life that is going to burn, the carpet reading, and the consequence of development, to get out of the abduction, where is the value of life? The question is, what is the development for this, for whom this development? These shades are shiny tall buildings, spacious Taksat highways or huge huge bridges; Of course, the scale of development. Progress indicates these. But if you go to the building to die of burns, then if you go to the highway to get the accident, then where is the value of this development? From the accursed development, it was better to get the latho and the hut.

For now, it is said today, not just infrastructure development, but also good governance. Only then will there be sustainable development. Ensure social justice If there was good governance in the country, there would not have been a factory in Rana Plaza, Tazreen would have been the path of emergency emissions. Road control was there. Food was not poisoned. The air was purified. These high-rise buildings were not built in Banani. There was an improved fire safety facility in the FR building. The fire service of the country was further modernized. There were new equipment. If there is no good governance, progress is shown in the development of infrastructural development, but the procession of death will not stop.

Surely, the picture of the boy caught in the fire service pipe leakage in Banani. It’s a symbolic picture. In fact, there are huge leaks in our state. People who want to repair those leaks are trying to repair. But the totalitarian can not be due to a corruption-friendly administration and development policy. The citizens will not be able to sleep safely any day if they do not repair these leakages. It is important to repair all these leakages and quickly. The smell of dead body must be removed from the dead body of falsehood.

Poet Rudra Muhammad Shahidullah wrote in 1979, ‘the smell of body in the air’. He was a different time, a different perspective. There is still the smell of dead body in the air, in any other context. Poet Rudra Muhammad Shahidullah wrote, ‘Sleep does not come’. Many people still do not sleep.

‘I do not sleep in this eye. I do not sleep all night-
I hear the sarcasm of the rapist,
The dead body of the man who lives like a drink in the river
The stingless girl’s cocky body eating disgraced body
Vertified inside the eyes. I can not sleep, i
I can not sleep …

Dr. Maruf Mallik, Visiting Research Fellow, Institute of Orient and Asian Studies, University of Forest

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