There is nothing left to burn on three floors

Three floors of Banani FT Tower in the capital have been burnt to ashes. The seventh, eighth and ninth floor of the building was completely burnt down. It is believed that the fire started from the seventh floor of the building.

The location of the Farooq Rupayan (F.R.) tower on the 17th street near Banani’s Kamal Ataturk Avenue. On Thursday, a fire on the building fell on Thursday afternoon. Police said 25 people were killed and 73 wounded.

F. T. Tower 23rd floor.

The basement of this building is all about the garage. There are still several parking spaces in there. There was no fire here. The first of the building is basement. There is not much damage from the first floor to the sixth floor. The staff of different offices located in these floors have come out and stepped down. A fire service worker said in the first light, there was a coil of smoke in the stairs. Even if they did not like the flames directly in the flames, the sixth and fifth floors were covered in smoke at one stage. The two flats on the eight floor below have a slight ignition of the fire. The smoke from the staircase room goes into the bottom floor. However, the staff of the floor below the eight floor was able to come out with the nack cloth.

Fire service workers enter the building under fire. On Friday morning, two fire service officials said that the seven, eight and ninth floor, these three floors were burnt to the fire. None of these three floors were saved from the fire. They think that the electric torches of the flowers have spread the fire. Although the real cause of the fire is yet to be known.

Fire Service Director General Brigadier General Sajjad Hossain told reporters that they believe that the incident happened due to the short circuit. But it can be confirmed after the investigation.

The restaurant was thought to be the first to say that the fire started on the eighth floor, but there were no restaurants. Private offices in every floor of the building. There are lots of computers and electrical equipment in each floor. They were burnt to ashes.

Without these three floors, the flames of 10, 11 and 12 were also ignited. In these flocks the smoke has covered it. The glass of the upper floors has been broken to avoid ‘clean’. Flowers have furniture and equipment in londvand….

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