Tire insurance? Know this insurance

In 2020, only three out of every 10 cars in Mexico were insured, according to the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef).

49% of car accidents registered on the road in Mexico were caused by tires in poor condition, according to data from the Electronic Standardization and Certification body (NYCE) in 2014.

Today, several insurers offer you different additional coverages to better take care of your vehicle. Among the insurers that provide this special coverage are ABA, MAPFRE, GNP, and HDI Seguros. The policy covers total loss as well as theft or damage to tires and wheels. The cost of this additional protection ranges from $ 800 to $ 2,500 pesos, depending on the model and year of the vehicle, as well as the insurer with which it is contracted.

Tire insurance can protect you against theft or damage to your tires and wheels, and it also covers potholes. There are types of policy with unlimited event service and others limited to a certain sum, depending on the plan of each insurer. It is important to mention that in no case is the wear of the tires caused by the daily use of the vehicle covered.

The signs of a tire in bad condition are clear, you have to be careful to detect them and avoid accidents. Today it is almost essential to have special insurance that responds to the damages in this part of your car, due to the poor condition of the streets in our cities and the increase in potholes due to the rains and the little maintenance.

It may seem that this coverage seems unnecessary when you buy your insurance policy, however, consider that the tires are one of the main components of the car and without them, you could not use it. Tire insurance will undoubtedly make you drive more relaxed, in addition to saving you money in case of a mishap or repair.

Tips for keeping your car tires in good condition:

Maintain proper inflation pressure

Maintaining proper tire inflation pressure is important to achieve optimal tire performance, stay safe, and save gas.

Clean them regularly

In the rainy season or when driving on unpaved areas, mud accumulates on the tires, causing imbalance and accelerating wear.

Check their age

The useful life of a tire is 5 to 10 years, depending on how you use it and the manufacturer. In addition, the change in temperature can wear down their composition, it is recommended to check them continuously after 5 years.

Caution when driving

Constant acceleration and braking can reduce tire life by up to 80%. These bad habits not only increase tire wear but also affect your gas mileage.


Having an incorrect pressure reduces the useful life of a tire by up to 20%, very high pressure can cause it to separate and cause an accident.

Look at your tires

If the drawings or lines on the rim are not clearly appreciated, it is time to change them, as they are already worn. It is recommended to rotate the tires every 15 thousand kilometers so that wear is regular.

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